Building a Studio Installation

What ideological framework is being decoded?

Realist- How does the film present reality? What techniques are used in the storytelling?  What are the demons of the states of mind portrayed?


Formalist- Structure and form. Internal evidence. Analysis of reactions. Photographic composition of perception.  


Contextualist- What is the broader picture being analyzed? Symptomatic interpretations.


Generic- Identifying motifs in comparison between genres. Intentional metaphors.


Psychological- Subliminal and subconscious. Symbological elements and signs.


Dualist- Juxtapositions. Dichotomies. Complementary opposites. Binary.  

Feminist- Portrayal of women in film and photography.


Genetic- From creation to release. Postmodernity.


Culturalist- Culture, time and space.


Reception- Audiences and critics.

Marxist- Political struggle.  



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