Eyenine – Out of Context


Perfect life, losing love like a big mistake. 
Way to put it together pieces of why we couldn’t relate. 
Well I’m tearing apart happiness after this fake arrangement. 
Placing pages upon pages of sacrificial derangement. 
In the piles for miles, how are you down with the style. 
Why are you counting my smiles? How about I give you a frown?
Now part of you, couldn’t stop me if you wanted to. 
I’ve started this already, now let’s see how much I’ve got to prove. 
With lots to lose life might be confusing. 
Well new to the abuse but I couldn’t be partial fusing. 
This little voice, yeah stop before you hurt somebody. 
Maybe hurting yourself wasn’t part of this immersive study. 
Don’t curse the weather for raining all over your parade.
It should have been said, I better than not be made for a day of rain. 
When life gives you lemons they tell you to make some lemonade. 
That doesn’t seem to realistic, so let me demonstrate. 



My meaning in this world has been taken out of context. 
Putting it back is such a difficult process. 
I’m positive that it is in my place to try and change,
but the way it is now I’m sure that nobody can solve it. 
My meaning has been taken out of context. 
My words have been taken out of context. 
My feelings have been taken out of context. 
It’s absurd and I cannot bear to watch this. 


Chalk this song onto a broken-hearted song story. 
I’m dropping formulas that place me in the top forty. 
Relating to people sharing status on their Facebooks. 
Who can read my lyrics if you ever see my face… 
Look! It’s written all over. It reflected on my soul,
unless I’m holding on my cards in hopes that you will fall for this. 
Knowing this, going into adolescence,
gotta say the lot of heartache that I fell from bad intentions.
I had the lessons being laid out right in front of me, 
but that direction didn’t seem like any fun to me. 
So instead of learning lessons like a student, 
I failed at all attempts of being classified assuming. 
I burn bridges and curse existence. 
Learning nothing is as worst as this is. 
Now I’m living with this knowledge that I’ve gained. 
Debating whether or not I should really try and change. 


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