Impossible Ideas That Became Reality

At times, my job is not to give you the answers, but instead, give you the questions.

Truth can be exact or approximate,  just like mathematics. It can also be relative, and based on specific sets of conditions. When it comes to world truth, anything is controversial because every single person has a different understanding of the world around them.

Nowadays more and more people are beginning to feel a deep, spiritual connection to quantum physics. It is almost mainstream knowledge that the universe outside is a reflection of the universe inside; therefore, some see physics as the perfect way to self-explore. “We still consider Newton’s laws to be laws because they hold, at least to a  very good approximation, for the conditions of the everyday world”. (Hawking, S., 2010, The Grand Design, p. 41)

When it comes to the rule of law, what constitutes a miracle? What is the truth about the impossible? Truth has many paths, but every single path is ever-changing:

  • New Scientist published an article in 2008 that lists ten things that were previously considered impossible but that are now science; such as heavier-than-air aircraft, extraterrestrial meteorites, and harnessing nuclear energy, among others. [Read Article]
  • published an article in  2017 about a “new super-fast form of computer that grows as it computes”, also considered impossible before. A whole new level of quantum computing.  [Read Article]
  • The San Diego Union-Tribune published a post in 2016 sharing new perspective about  reverse aging being  now a possibility. “Some of these anti-aging methods are free and can be applied by anyone. “ [Read Article]
  • PsychCentral published a piece about the science of preventing dangerous psychopathy.  So what does science suggest as a successful environmental antidote to developing psychopathy? Believe it or not, love!”. This shows how much the paradigm has shifted. In the past, psychopathy was seen as something impossible to treat or cure. [Read Article]
  • Live Science published some new research regarding the “impossible” heights of vocal cords in Freddy Mercury’s voice.  His “vibrato was unusually fast, and the modulation was sometimes quite irregular”. [Read Article]
  • National Geographic published an article in 2016 about NASA’s “impossible” space engine.  “Scientists just published a paper saying that the controversial EmDrive produces thrust, even though that defies known laws of physics.” [Read Article]
  • Wikileaks published a series of documents on March 7, 2017 titled “Vault 7”. “The first full part of the series, “Year Zero”, comprises 8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virgina.”  Vault 7 proves many of the conspiracy theories that once were considered impossible. [Access Vault 7]


As it can be seen, much has changed due to the relentless pace of science and consciousness. Concepts, models, and belief systems are being remade through the evolution of technology and truth. What is seen as a glitch, miracle or impossibility today could simply be misunderstood science; and what we call “sixth sense” could simply be misunderstood humanity.  What governs the disruption of natural law?  This is why it is essential to keep an open mind when it comes to discovering new territories.

The less mental walls, the less limits.



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