Someone once asked me what my concept of art was. I thought about the complexity of the question at hand. How on Earth could an artist ever competently encompass the magnitude of such word? As usual, my mind instantly went straight to Banksy and his quote: “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. To this day, this remains my favourite description of art.

Similarly, when it comes to feminism… Well, feminism should also comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. As to what it is? Nowadays when I watch the news, I see that I no longer know its meaning. I am an anarchist, and I am anti-system. I have no allegiance to any political party. I am neither left nor right. I am simply a woman with a perspective. Is the current mainstream idea of feminism the same as my personal idea of it? Not always. But I’ll tell you what feminism is NOT, in my opinion:


    • Feminism isn’t an excuse for harassing another woman.  That is hypocrisy, and could be seen as anti-feminism. [Read News] [Link 2]


    • Feminism isn’t attacking other women for their racial backgrounds or accent. That’s racism. [Read News]


    • Feminism isn’t threatening to blow up places. That’s terrorism. [Read News]


    • Feminism isn’t offering blow-jobs for votes. That’s political prostitution. [Read News]


    • Feminism isn’t becoming a bully of children who were born in the opposite political party. That’s simply lowering your integrity as a woman, mother, and adult human being.  [Read News]


  • Feminism isn’t physically hurting someone simply because they don’t understand, agree with or believe in your idea of feminism. That’s just violence.  [Read News]

Or, is it? No wonder the term “feminazi” has been attributed as the official stigmatised word of such political movement.  What kind of example are these stories setting for young adult women like me? What message are teenagers getting from this? But then again, who am I to judge these women? Haven’t they got a right to freedom of speech? Does that make me a hypocrite? Does that make me anti-feminist? Who are you to answer any of these questions?

And this is why feminism cannot be defined. It is something that emerges from childhood backgrounds, circumstances, events, geography, culture, experience, and perspective. It is unanimous and individual, yet, it is collective. It is what it is: women doing what they think is right. What they understand as “taking action”. All for the same goal: defending their womanhood, their voice, their truth. 

Why does this concept even exist? Why am I giving a speech about this? And under the same token, why are men making decisions about our gender without our permission? Why is “cunt” the most derogatory word of the English language? Why was I born into a world where at the age of 14 I declared I was feminist?. We get so used to the everything we are born into, that sometimes we forget to question it all. How can you march for peace, yet encourage violence? How can you protest in the name of love, yet only show hate? How can you stand against racism, yet be racist? 

Just like ancient egyptians, I like to wear make-up sometimes. I have at times been attacked for this in the name of feminism. What’s more, I have been attacked for  what some women described as “trying to look sensual” in pictures where I only show my face, and sometimes my shoulders.  As a huge fan of sensuality, I realise that sometimes people in the fight for gender neutrality, forget that there are others also worth of equality and acceptance, such as those who see themselves as art, similarly to Frida Kahlo; an icon of self-love, freedom, sensuality, and femininity. 

I am the mother of a male child who will eventually be a male adult. I won’t condone women who simply hate the male gender. I want my son to grow up in a world where there is equality and reason. I don’t want him to get into a matriarchal relationship that could potentially harm him psychologically for distorsioned political reasons. At the end of the day,  misandry is as poisonous and disgraceful as misogyny. Every man on Earth is a woman’s child.

You tell me what feminism is.