Anarchy Against The Machine

Anarchy could be seen as an evolutionary perk of the established society. It is built on the desire to change, upgrade and disrupt the malfunctioning systems.

Revolution is a natural, sensible reaction when it comes to system-failure. Computers are programmed to execute error functions when the software is not working. Similarly, when social harmony  is disrupted, a series of automatic functions unfold with the purpose of restoring order. From the revolutionary’s perspective, the way to restore harmony is to revolt against the system that disrupts it. From the officer’s perspective, the way to restore harmony is to follow the rules of conduct written in law.  

The state and conditions of the hardware determine the capacity of the device to function and act as expected.  Then, we have those moments in which machines glitch, resulting in atypical technological behaviour.  Similarly, when reality glitches, it is often a result of the physical laws that define it; and the conditions of the universe at that given moment. So, if it is possible to upgrade the functionality of a technological system by upgrading specific parts of the hardware; it is also possible to upgrade the functionality of society as a whole by upgrading our understanding of the physical laws that govern the disruption of what we call reality.

This is where understanding the effect environmental issues have on the planet is a way of understanding the different parts of Earth’s hardware. What effect does the threat of global warming have on the physical structure of the planet? What happens when a computer overheats? What physical laws govern such process? What causes a computer to overheat?  I mean, at the end of the day, when the hardware of a machine is destroyed, its software doesn’t boot/exist.

People often resist scientific truth, the same way they resist political truth. It is like Windows users who are scared to try Linux because of its functionality.  This is why achieving a high understanding of the science of reality is a revolution. It allows us to update and upgrade the operative system made of concepts we have created for our brains, hence, improving human performance.


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