Turning a metaphysical quantum theory into quantum mechanics.

That’s what quantum mysticism is in a nutshell. Some consider it pseudo-science; whilst others firmly believe this is the future of physics. Could paranormal events be explained? When it comes to philosophy and science, history shows us that dichotomies often arise from the concept of soul, and the lack of it. When does an idea go from quantum mysticism to quantum physics? Can materialism and idealism both have equally important aspects to validate? 

When we take a look at history, we find opposing factions of concepts. Warner Heisenberg states in one of his works “This whole description fits exactly into the central ideas of Plato’s idealist philosophy. The structure underlying the phenomena is not given by material objects like the atoms of Democritus but by the form that determines the material objects. The Ideas are more fundamental then the objects. And since the smallest parts of matter have to be the objects whereby the simplicity of the world becomes visible, whereby we approximate to the “one” and the “unity” of the world, the Ideas can be described mathematically—they are simply mathematical forms. The saying ‘God is a mathematician,’  which in this form assuredly derives from a later period of philosophy, has its origin in this passage from the Platonic philosophy.”

It is quite an irony that modern idealists frequently use Einstein’s theory of relativity to support many of their ideas. The reason why it is an irony is because “Einstein, for his part, adamantly opposed any subjectivity in science. He disagreed with Bohr’s view that it is unscientific to inquire whether or not Schrödinger’s cat in a box is alive or dead before an observation is made. Einstein devoted much of his later life to searching for elements of reality to make quantum mechanics a theory based on realism”  ~ Lisa Zyga, Phys.org

There is much revolution and controversy in the modern scientific community regarding quantum theories. On one side, new, challenging ideas can’t be ignored. On the other side, not all new theories are built on real science.  “I love that in quantum physics for some reason it’s become an excuse to mock all of science. See it’s nothing real, nothing true and whatever you think, that’s how the world is. So if you think positively you remake the world positively according to this pseudo scientist explanation.” ~Barbara Ehrenreich, RSA

One thing we can be sure of is that many new scientists will continue to merge spirituality with mathematics in order to explain the whole reality we call universe. Models of study vary. “There are many other alternatives besides the ones offered by the disjunction between science and religion” ~ Juan Miguel Marin, Historian at Harvard