Upgrading Our Revolution

The best anarchists don’t take sides.
They reject the system.

The political circus is on fire. We have politicians conducting huge performances in order to entertain those who still believe in authority. Moreover, now, due to the circumstances, we have more division, chaos; and fear. We see fellow citizens of the world getting passionately worked up about their chosen political parties, and turning against each other. But really, what we have here, is a “divide and conquer” scenario, which is exactly what elitists want.

However, for those of us who know that no politician is here to save the world; these circumstances are not shocking. 2016 has been the year when millions of activists around the world joined the digital, anarchist revolution. Thanks to these activists, we now have a more awake world, where talking about government corruption doesn’t sound “crazy” or “paranoid” any longer.

For years, many of us stood in the shadows as we watched the governments destroy our lives, never being heard or taken seriously, until now. As more and more people realise the horrors of the world, we must stand together, remain neutral, and continue to fight for freedom. The best way to add some order to the current social chaos is to upgrade our revolution.

Upgrade your understanding of the world: Self education is crucial to survival. Read more books. Learn your rights. Aim to comprehend the bigger picture. Discover the quantum world. Do not limit yourself to the news. Choose the area you are passionate about, and expand your expertise. Transcend dogma, cultural backgrounds, and understand your place in the global revolution.

Upgrade your security systems: When it comes to digital anarchism, now more than ever, we must begin promoting the software that protects our data. Install Tor. Try i2p (the invisible network). When messaging sensitive information from your phone, use Signal. Try Linux. Get a e-mail. Learn to encrypt. Teach those who don’t know much about Internet security, hacking, and privacy. Help the collective become stronger.  

Upgrade your methods for teaching: If you are a scientist, work on your own theories. If you are an artist, create authentic material for your revolution. If you are a  counsellor, reach out to those who need guidance and support. If you are a writer, create a blog, share your ideas with the world, not just social media. Whatever you are, get better and more professional at it. Use your best talents to promote change in a peaceful, loud way. 

Upgrade your objectivity: Find the right sources, spread quality information. Use evidence, books, and pictures to support your revolution. Understand that even though your points might be valid, there is always an alternative perspective; which we must consider if we truly want to be neutral and objective about world affairs. Truth over opinions. Facts over assumptions. Reason over emotions. 

Upgrade your self-care: In order to survive, it’s important that you look after yourself in every way. Eat healthy. Keep your house ordered. Avoid drugs in dark times. Stay grounded, and aware. Love yourself, and trust your visions for the future. Maintain a balance between solitude and social interactions. If you need support, reach out to someone who can provide it. Avoid a full detachment from reality. Be a constructive role model. 

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Observe all. Take reasonable action. A new wave of awakening is coming. Get ready. 

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