The Magicks of Complexity

“Magick is nature unimpeded”
~ Oversoul 7, by Jane Roberts. 



We must simplify the complex in order to understand it. This is why equations are so sacred. They hold infinite amounts of data in a few digits. After, all, the idea of the universe being understandable is not new. Stephen Hawking, when speaking about the rule of law in his book, The Grand Design, mentioned: “Thales first developed the idea that the world can be understood, that the complex happenings around us could be reduced to simpler principles and explained without resorting to mythical or theological explanations”.

Nowadays, magick doesn’t sound like such a crazy idea for individuals who have begun awakening. However, it is the science behind magick that makes it such a beautiful concept. In a way, studying the mechanics of what is considered magickal is an effective way to learn the magicks; and moreover, it opens the creator’s path. Awakened individuals are vital to the future of society. Just like Einstein, they believe that timespace can be curved; and some even go to the extent of experimenting with the quantum field. This is raw potential for future discoveries and development. It is change. It is expansion. The evolution of consciousness.

In my opinion, the best people in our society are labeled as insane because they have the capacity to learn incredibly high amounts of data, process it, and reprogram their minds to understand complex matters. It is not always easy to explain what our senses are able to perceive, this is why the best medicine to any mental health situation, is self-education. People who are considered crazy are often the ones who see the reality of the world we live in. They notice the corruption, are aware of the threats, and are trying  to understand the world as best as they can, so they can contribute to solving such problems.

If our system valued the minds of these individuals, we would be evolving faster. The sad reality is that we live in a world full of ignorance. The best way to approach any situation is by using intuitive logic. This allows us to understand the complexities of reality, and it leaves room for action. Moreover, it helps us transform unorganized knowledge into intelligible wisdom.

And somewhere between chaos and order,
lay the magicks of complexity.



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