God, Anarchy & Evolution

People who believe in being their own God are great anarchists.
They do not believe in external authority figures,
whether religiously or politically.

I mean, some see God as a force, others see it as a figure, but it is those who see God as a concept, that are able to consider themselves as such. What is the concept of God? Well, for religious people, it is the concept of highest authority, power, and will. Genesis 1:27 states: “So God created mankind in his own image” (King James Version).

If we see God as a concept, does the concept create the god?  The truth is that whoever introduced such powerful concept, could be considered a god. The concept is so old that entire models are built on it. Even science is built on the concept of creation and existence, which leads us to the question: where did all come from?. Now we have people who are using this, not as a way to surrender; but rather as a way to become the concept, and hence, become their own highest power, authority, and will. Thus, now more than ever, man is an image of god.

If we see the Bible as a reflection of our inner world, rather than our outer world; we are able to understand from such perspective, the way authority works for many; and the way information is used to influence today’s collective social conduct. Thus, becoming the concept of God is crucial to self-actualize and transcend religious conditioning. It is a way to become free and congruent. It is a way to take control of one’s life. It is evolution. 

This is why it shocks me that at this point in history, with all the information available, the governments still see psychosis or schizophrenia as a problem. The way I see it, they have made mental health a problem by simply calling it a problem; whilst ignoring the benefits, and raw potential for intellectual development and expansion in individuals who present such experiences. All the greatest minds in history were seen as “dysfunctional”.  

We judge what we do not understand. Hence, it is appropriate to assume that a system which is built on discrimination and judgment, is ignorant. The world we live in is built on ignorance and greed. This is why often, truth disrupts social order and is seen as a threat. It is persecuted, resisted and prohibited. Media blackouts are mainstream knowledge nowadays.

Truth-bearers are often misunderstood, judged, censored, and labeled. These are the real lightbringers of the world. Religious systems who see such threat, call it “Satan”. And just like God, it is a misunderstood concept.

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