Prediction Vs. Prophecy

We live in a world where prediction is both, prevention and advantage.

The great irony is that in order to predict a particular event, it is necessary to believe in prediction. Understanding the mechanics of it is a way to achieve it. After all, we already believe in the weather forecast, natural-disaster alerts, and some even believe in prophecy.

Moreover, we are already able to predict the outcome of an illness or a virus. We already are prepared for the change of seasons because we are aware of the physical elements and conditions that each brings. Celebrities are able to predict the social flow, and hence, their music evolves as consciousness and technology do. This is fascinating because, somewhere in such precognition, lays the prediction of global cognitive processes, and human conduct.

Truth is, prediction makes the world go round. Governments have highly trained behavioral psychologists who are able to predict social reactions to trends, the market and the viable careers in business. Corporations are able to tap into such flow of information and create specific advertisements to target specific types of audiences. It’s no wonder many are experiencing more synchronicity with advertisements nowadays.

Prediction is a trait of intelligent survival. One that can change the course of one’s life in surprising ways. Moreover, it protects us from social conditioning.  Questions about destiny, fate and free will often emerge when it comes to prediction. But why is it that we like to predict the future so much in every aspect of existence? Perhaps it is survival. Perhaps it is curiosity. Maybe it is both.

We have prophets like the Mayans, Nostradamus, and Edgar Cayce who were able to predict the political and universal affairs concerning what they saw as “the end of civilization”. The reason why prophets are fascinating minds is because they not only predicted events… They predicted the end of society as they knew it; that is, the end of the system. Prophets are powerful because they inspire people to find solutions, and warn about the catastrophes that would occur if we don’t change as a global society.

This is perhaps the reason why so many people think these are end times. We have come to point where the political powers of the world deliberately  refuse to share truth; and the masses are beginning to question authority in all forms: psychologically, religiously and politically. This has undoubtedly unleashed anacceleration of the evolution of collective consciousness. It has become the beginning of freedom, as more and more people are able to predict possible catastrophes and act accordingly to  prevent and/or solve such problems.

It is the beginning of humanity working in unity to save humanity.

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