Seeing Beyond the Illusion of Reality

Common sense is not something that we are born with. It is something that is made in experience, and it is heavily shaped by the cultural background we have ingested. The more we expand our perspective, the more common sense we have.



Every one of our basic senses is a channel through which we gather data. Sensation, when mixed with observation, allows us to engage in contemplation of existence itself. This is a fast way to put into practice the knowledge we have already gained. It amplifies the way we perceive experience. Hence, it allows us to open our mind to new, and “unimaginable” concepts that could possibly shape our individual realities as we know it.

The world is full of systems, models and concepts. When we see concepts as model-based principles; we are able to study the models as system-based principles. These concepts define human conduct. Both, physical and cognitive. Studying the elements that constitute such models, enables us to interact with the constructed system; therefore, we are able to effect changes in an efficient way.

Truth can be absolute or not. It is a good idea to see it from both perspectives in order to observe the bigger picture, which is the entire universe that constitutes what we call reality. One single situation could be looked at from different systems, perspectives; and be judged based on the fundamental elements that make up each model. To see beyond the illusion of reality is to drop every single model and look at reality as if we never knew it.

At the end of the day, every single model when understood through the core principles that shape it; becomes valid. This doesn’t mean it is absolute. However, it leaves room for the reshaping of such concept. Every person can either choose or create a model to work with in the search for truth. And one thing I have noticed is:


Every concept is born in a question.

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