Quantum Psychology, Concepts & Change

People often fear what they don’t know.



Somewhere between philosophy, metaphysics, and science, there is a point where truth becomes the ultimate key and door to freedom. Somewhere between a lot of questions and a lot of answers, new paths are created… In the search for truth. Some need emotional expression. Some need intellectual expression. Some need both. As a result, creativity comes in many forms. Every type of creative outlet could be seen as a way to output data we have captured and need to process through expression.

New concepts are often seen as a threat. Something that will challenge established systems of belief. Something that will disrupt the social order constructed behind an idea. The thing is, the whole system is based on conceptual factions. Transcending such divisions leaves us nowhere, exactly the place we want to be. Why? Because from here, we begin to question all and build new concepts. We become problem solvers, rather than reinforcers of what no longer works. We become change.

When it comes to concepts, quantum physics has become a revolution. As people educate themselves on the different types of existent frameworks, patterns and rhythms… One begins to consider synchronicity as more than just a coincidence. But more like a continuous concatenation of change. Stephen Hawking, in his book The Grand Design, when speaking about quantum physics, states: “Quantum theories have turned out to be remarkably accurate at predicting events on those scales, while also reproducing the predictions of the old classical theories when applied to the macroscopic world of daily life”.

There is something very intuitive and spiritual about quantum physics. Its complexity allows us to open the paths of endless possibilities. It delves into theories that could answer life’s ultimate questions. Similarly, Psychology allows us to study the cognitive processes that occur in our inner world, allowing us to balance inner and outer worlds. Yin yang. Imagine the concept of “quantum psychology”. I got disappointed when I noticed that the current educational system I am part of, doesn’t provide such option. So I decided to educate myself on both areas. And there is one thing I’ve noticed:

By understanding ourselves, we are able to understand the physical world around us. In reverse, by understanding the physical world around us, we are able to understand ourselves. 



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