Some call this the era of information, because the Internet provides so many alternatives when it comes to choosing the sources for self-education.


In a way, people are now free to access the educative material they desire to acquire in their journeys. Expansion is based on understanding. It is not a moral issue. It is a state of pure positive focus, where all that’s intended is to improve as an integral being, to evolve.

The global social scene is almost like the ecosystem. You can coexist symbiotically in harmony with other beings, or you could coexist as a parasite. Of course, the nature of reality is a mystery even for the brightest minds. Things change as new information emerges that make us question our biggest convictions. It is the trait of an open mind to be neutral to new information, always welcoming enlightenment and understanding. To be all allowing.

Some consider the saying “what you resist, persists” as a principle of life. And just like this sentence, there are so many principles, ideas, beliefs, laws, systems that influence social global conduct. Sometimes I stop myself and wonder: Where does this all come from? Why are all these divisions in place and why does each group think their truth is more valid than the others? At the end of the day, when it comes to the science of human nature… It is knowledge that makes the world go round.

As we delve into the understanding of the mechanics of the universe itself. I mean, the physical laws defining it… We begin to ask bigger questions, such as: Is there lawmaker? Can I curve such laws? And the reason why these questions are worth asking, is because even though we may not always wonder these things consciously, in our subconscious this so called “mystery” remains unknown, and the questions remain unanswered.

Yet, once experience teaches us that change is what ultimately curves any type of continuity, we align with our purpose, fiercely embracing change as the means of expansion. New skills are developed. New insight is gained. We become stronger, more prepared for different situations. More aware of both: weaknesses and strengths. In other words, we have a higher chance of surviving.


Expansion is therefore crucial to survival.