Unveiling The Quantum Mystery

As the climate and seasons change, so does our perspective.


Questions and thoughts flood the mind. Autumn is usually the time of the year when crucial decisions are made. Do you feel like life is an endless mystery which only deepens and deepens as you grow? Are you experiencing intense metaphysical events that make you question your whole reality? Are you looking for a sign as to what to do next? 

Emotions are always temporary. As humans, we have a full, wide spectrum of emotional states. Each dimensional signature has a perspective and a context; that is, a particular way to interpret situations. Different things stimulate different parts of our basic senses. Emotional signatures are often triggered when a specific environment, or set of circumstances reminds us of a particular memory. We tend to subconsciously confuse the present with the past and hence, we often do not understand why some things make us feel the way they make us feel.

The heart is the organ that emits the most electromagnetic frequencies, both, to the brain and to the quantum field around us. Hence, it is appropriate to assume that the heart is the most efficient kinetic organ. Of course, there are moments in which we feel nothing, or as Nirvana described it: We are comfortably numb. From this particular mindstate, it is possible to analyze our emotional spectrum objectively. This allows us to learn and expand faster.

Sometimes, unexpected magical doors open. Some we dream of, some we dread. How do you close a door that has been opened? How do you unsee the perceived? How to avoid destructive influences? As synchronicity becomes mainstream, people can no longer deny that life is weird. There is a “strange” flow that feels very personal and universal to awakened individuals. Is your life a constant shock? Do you think “WTF” all the time?

When we align with people who are on a similar vibrational frequency to ours, the connection becomes multidimensional, something like string theory, unfolded through electromagnetic waves emitted from the heart. It’s love, in a paranormal, scientific way. Sometimes it is better to sense the journey, rather than analyze it. Drop all your perception into your gut. Your intuition is a powerful tool. Let perfect timing unfold naturally. 

Be all allowing and mentally amorphous. Frustration can be healed through self-gratification. Consequences are best measured in calm states. The answers will unfold as you make conscious choices that determine the direction of your journey.

And remember: Hearts are storms.

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