Breatharianism Could Be a Solution To Poverty

Breatharianism is a controversial topic. 

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as “Buddha Boy”.


Many of us have heard the story of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as the “Buddha boy”. He became famous as he entered a meditative state that lasted for ten months, during which he had no food or drink. This shocked the world and medical professionals because he didn’t develop any type of physical defficiency. He remained hydrated and nourished.

Even though Breatharianism is still frowned upon by society, by now, many have voluntereed for medical testing about it to prove that it is not as dangerous as the medical community claims. More and more people, join this lifestyle as they realise the spiritual benefits connected to it.

When I visited Prague a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Lien Void. She is a noise shamaness and a spiritual activist. She has been educating and training herself for years in the paths of veganism, liquidarianism and breatharianism.  For me, it was a pleasure to get to know her.

I thought: “Well, if we all became breatharian, surely, poverty would not exist”.  Her perspective was a revolution itself, so I decided to interview her so others could appreciate her points. This is what she had to explain about the subject:



Lien, how would you describe Breatharianism?

Breatharianism is food-free lifestyle. To be more concrete, it is a lifestyle  free from solid or liquid nourishment. There are no rules, a lot of people who achieved this freedom inside and re-programmed their minds and bodies to switch from solid and liquid food to the inner source of light sometimes return to eating for social connection or just for their pleasure. I call Breatharianism this state, when you do not consume food or liquids or you consume just water (or probably tea with no sugar) and you do not lose weight. This should not be confused with anorexia. If you are starving yourself, you are not breatharian. If you are not yogi enough (in your mind), you can die in your attempts to reach this state, so you should be careful while transitioning to living on light.


What inspired you to become breatharian?

Looking for the meaning of this life inspired me. Emptiness, craving for relationships, desperation and loneliness. That fact that I was too fragile to share joy with others in reality. Understanding of the fact that the material world is just a prison and illusion, which was constructed by us in order to get some kind of experience here while living as humans on this planet. In other words, I was looking for a “red pill”.


What would be your advice for new people who take an interest in the topic?

Well, to begin with… I think that you should feel a deep, genuine passion about it, otherwise, it is better not to try it. Breatharianism is about your beliefs system, and your beliefs are the police of the mind, as Saul Williams says. If believe that you lack vitamins, you will lose your hair, even while being vegetarian. Whatever medicine or diet you believe in, will exist in your personal quantum reality. You create your own world every day with every thought and action.  If you do not feel particularly passionate about the subject, it might be because  your personal mission on this planet doesn’t include Breatharian transition at all. We are all different.


What is the potential global impact and divinity of breatharianism?

Rising of your mind, body and spirit. So-called supernatural abilities of increased intuition. Limitless creative flow of ideas and their realizations. Perfect health, ability to control and manifest your body’s forms. Independence of the system and society.  No need to pay for taxes. Breatharianism is a possibility for global social changes, it is a revolution on this planet, and we, as pioneers, bring it here to smash the global monster-state! It protects all: Animals, plants and human beings.




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