The Global Language of Consciousness

Beliefs, ideas and practices make the world go round. Language comes to us in all possible forms. Different people read reality in different ways.

When we think we know it all,  that’s when we know nothing. As soon as we reach that stage in which we finally think we have it all figured out, new data is thrown at us to make us raise questions that open new mental portals and hence, allow us to expand. This only increases. 

For example, why does the word “blue” not exist in numerous ancient languages? There is a theory mentioned by Vishen Lakhiani in his book The Code of The Extraordinary Mind that suggests that perhaps in ancient times, the colour of the sky was different. As a point of reference, he uses The Odyssey written by Homer, where the sky is described as wine-dark.

Truth changes as life changes. Sometimes all the answers we need are inside us, in the NOW of the experience, rather than in the past. Truth is, our own personal language dictates how much we perceive from our environment. This is why the more we expand our perspectives, the more we are able to comprehend things under different contexts.

At the end of the day, language builds culture. And as more and more people tune into globalisation, the collective is expanding into a general understanding of the bigger picture. It is a new way to navigate the world and reality as we know it.

Rewind, unlearn, relearn, forward. 

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