Functional Dual Worlds of The Awoken

Some of us live with a foot inside and a foot outside of our minds.

This causes a functional duality to activate within us, allowing us to see contrasting sides of reality.
Individual juxtapose.

There is the material world, where there is a system in place which many of us are trying to battle by claiming our psychological independence; and then there is the spiritual world, where we plant dreams and evolve. Absolute relativity. Yin yang. Madness vs. insanity.

Once we learn to live this way, we find balance and are able to reach harmony through conflict. This way, we dance through life in a nonchalant fashion, yet, knowing that every moment is the most crucial moment of our lives. We swim and we fly, in expansion of soul.

There already is scientific, empirical information out there for those who strive towards truth and beauty. It is no secret that meditation is medically beneficial for the human body. Self-actualisation, as described by Maslow, isnt something too utopian in the mind of those who are awake nowadays. We firmly believe we can reach our maximum potential as individuals; whilst being fully aware that the only way to fulfill such dream at large scale, is to fight the system in place.

We dive into multiple concepts of what life is about, taste them all, and come out with an amorphous mentality, ready to flow like water through the different roads of life. We see the light and the darkness. We see peace, yet we too are aware of corporations.

We notice there are laws in place which we never agreed to. This inspires us to become spiritual anarchists, world-changers, freedom fighters. We know that thoughts construct the world, so we think fast and lot, until we construct a better reality, through which we can all break free.

And that reality is here. Now.

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