Quantum Reality: About Perspectives and Dreams

Dreams paint social mindscapes.


Life is weird. Can you deny that? Every idea is a new opportunity, an invitation. Every moment is a perspective, a lesson.  Life tends to unfold divine plans in the ways that we least expect it. Even the most confusing contradictions have a way of becoming a juxtaposed states of wholeness, with much potential for growth and contemplation.

Trust your instincts. Come to your senses. Gather data as the integral individual you are. Consciously breath more. You always have a choice. You can always channel the wisdom. You can create a escape route. And remember: Conflict can always be harmonized.

When you are fully aware, conscious, and grounded; mindful of your body sensations, you realize that human, in its animal state, is a chilled creature. Taste the flavour of each pain and each pleasure. Are you aware of your own thoughts?  Do you interact with your quantum environment? Memories are made of context + space + time + thoughts or/and emotions. Whenever you pursue your passions, an emotional signature is created. When triggered, inspired creativity occurs. Freedom.

I find it helpful sometimes to re-imagine the whole picture, allowing my brain to get adapted to having no box, or set of conditions. This way, I am open to opportunities that might arise in ways that I never thought of, or expected.

Simple mindfulness changes the way we perceive reality. Social worlds are being made and remade in the light of such digital, educational movement carried out by the masses to spread knowledge and help others break free from the chains of their fears, and of conditioning by media. As a matter fact, one could even say that being mindful is now seen as “cool” by people, simply because it’s trending.

Dreamers are life architects. They create things, moments, history… That no one ever thought would be doable. Viable. Possible. Your world outside is a reflection of the world inside your head. The trick is to live in both worlds simultaneously, harmoniously. Dreaming, and acting on the fulfillment of such dream.

The present moment is a combination of your past and your future. You can stir your ship to decide where you might be living for the next few hours or days. Remain here, NOW, if that’s where you want to stay. Right now is both: the ending and the beginning of your life. Every second, with the every tick, with every blink… Your life ceases to be, and then once again, it begins. It stops and it continues.


What is your mind bringing into this world? 

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