Global Ascension Signs and Social Scene

Life is made of patterns. You can study them. 

Art by BPSM.


Your genius activates, allowing you to analyse, compare and understand reality as never before. Insomnia has been reported in many cases, causing sleep deprivation, which consequently amplifies the perception of reality. The body can go through physical alterations as the pineal gland becomes functional. Some people have reported having headaches that feel like migraine.

Thoughts begin entering your mind really fast, and suddenly, you lose track of time. You develop new senses that allow you to perceive things you never noticed before. You become an observer, a witness… And the world can feel like a stage at times. Weird things begin happening. Strange coincidences, times, numbers and words. The whole infrastructure becomes language. You feel connected fully to the reality around you. You begin to manifest your own thoughts more easily.

You develop the ability to feel music as an exclusive dimension of your emotional states. Your sensitivity is enhanced and at times, things can make you cry for no reason. It’s okay, you are just adapting to your newly activated extra senses. My advice is: take a bath, do something that  makes you relax. Become grounded, present. 

If at this point, the person doesn’t educate themselves, they might get carried away in the reality they construct for themselves and achieve a state of lonely disconnection from the whole, leading them to feel alienated, frustrated and misunderstood. Comfort is often found in sharing the journey and experience with others. Knowing that you are not alone, and that nobody is trying to purposely harm you.

What you see happening… is a global awakening. You are not the only one who is confused. We are in a global stage where a lot of people are beginning to ask a lot of questions, and some are already quite aware of the great illusion. Whilst others have lost their tracks in dogma.

The positive side to the whole contemporary global scene, is that the Internet, serving as the main tool to spread knowledge, is allowing more people to self-explore, self-heal and self-actualize. These are the signs of a psychological, global ascension.



Purple sun. By BPSM.




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