The Psychic Revolution of the Indigo

You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us
– John Lennon

Art by BPSM.


“Psychic powers are powers that cannot be explained by the laws of the physical universe alone. These include extrasensory abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition, as well as applied powers that are beyond our current ability to explain, for example, astral projection, mediumship and telekinesis” (From the book: Psychic Powers, by Carolyn Boyes).

The topic is still controversial, although every day more and more people open their minds to the electromagnetic nature of the quantum field of planet Earth. Truth is, it is in our nature to have these abilities. Some people call it synesthesia, and the scientists working behind such research, consider this as proof of contemporary evolution.

However, the system is not interested in educating any of us regarding these important aspects of our human nature. To this day, unfortunately, many are unfairly labelled as “insane” for simply admitting to either believing or experiencing these things. This, of course, is a very primitive mechanism, because in reality, we have advanced enough to reach a point of common ground between spirituality and science, and that’s what we call Noetic Science.

Metaphysics as a branch of Philosophy has already aimed to link these two dichotomies that for centuries have divided the world and imbalanced the flow of truth. The topic isn’t exactly new, because as Carolyn Boyes further states in her book, “throughout the history of mankind there have been those who claimed supernatural powers: the power to predict the future or to converse with the spirits”. Moreover, we have historical records of how religion has always attempted to disregard such facts. In order to mantain  control, governments have burnt witches, persecuted alternative perspectives and even committed genocides against anyone who dared to think differently.

And this is why in this era of information, self-education is a basic survival need. It is a revolutionary act to study the mysteries labelled as “unknown”. As many individuals aim to reach their maximum spiritual potential, and join forces against fallacies and corruption; the world is becoming something we have never seen before.

Reality has ended as we knew it.
Life is now like lucid dreaming for those who are awake.

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