Human Design: An Introduction to Electromagnetics

“The obvious instant connection when you meet someone is when the sparks fly. This comes about when one person has a gate turned on at one side of a channel and the other person has the gate turned on at the other”
(Human Design, by Chetan Parkyn)


Art by Richard Owen.


In other words, we are all made up of energetic channels, and when we connect with someone else, we form an active, functional link through which we exchange energy. This is what can be described as an electromagnetic connection. It is a direct interaction between complementing beings.

Why do people use the term “chemistry” to describe the harmonious synergy between two souls? This is because love, emotions and thoughts work not only on a mental level, but also on a physical, biological, neurochemical level. Yet, simultaneously, it is all a subjective experience. Connections depend on many things like circumstances, mindstates, designs and context. The electric charge that occurs between two or more people can be either conscious or subconscious, as it is with any model in existence.

When we share an activated electromagnetic gate connection with someone else, this is a good omen for harmony and common ground within such relationship. It is great because this causes both parties to look at such synergy through similar windows or perspectives, ultimately allowing everyone to understand each other.

Those who connect through extra-dimensional gates tend to feel their connection on a cosmic, divine level. This is an extra-sensitive link and both parties tend to heavily influence, alter each other, until their universes intertwine, allowing full interactive synchronicity between subconscious minds.

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