Harmony: Life Through The 11th Gate

In human design, the 11th gate,
also known as the gate of harmony
is that which brings us
much creativity and aspirations.

The Rising
The Rising. By BPSM.


The 11th gate is powerful because it is linked to the global, social scene. It is involved in the ever-increasing promotion of peace and evolution. You feel your imagination expand, allowing you to consider new possibilities.

Once you open this gate, you begin to cultivate new ideas, methods, lifestyles and even beliefs that cause your whole life to shift. There is much passion in the endeavours associated with the 11th gate; therefore, it stirs you towards congruence and builds inner harmony as your inner child comes out to play.

You will be channeling Akashic knowledge, picking up on shifts occurring, getting in tune with your subconscious, finding new ways to express yourself and shine. You set your boundaries, identify your preferences, and to begin compare/contrast experiences. Indeed, your mind becomes filled with all these ideas that keep you updated and growing.

Furthermore, the 11th gate comes with some responsibility, and that is simply to share your true self with the world. There is no such thing as “helping others” without being genuine. We are not here to condition humankind. We are here to be. We learn from each other by sharing our essence with one another. Furthermore, this gates awakens the love for the planet and the environment, allowing you to see the bigger picture and inspiring you to take steps towards the betterment of the world around you.

Ultimately, as the Human Design book by Chetan Parkyn states: “Change for the better!”. If you have been seeing the repetitive number 1111, perhaps it is an invitation for you to walk through this gate and blossom as the authentic individual you are.

Imagine something you’ve never imagined before.
That’s how you alter your perception.

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