The Cognitive Revolution: Trial and Error

There is much logic in the illogical. 

Shaman’s personality. By BPSM


Humans, we are mentally amorphous (without shape or form). We change every second, with every breath we take. What is identity? For me, personally, it is the name I was given; however, my personality is undefinable, because I do not attach to an exclusive sense of self.

I let days go by and reveal to me the next step of the puzzle we call life. Always aware that regardless of what I do, I will always end up where I need to be.  How often do you educate yourself? When I began this journey, the experience was so overwhelming and powerful, that my idealist side got carried away in dogmatic delusions.

This, of course, was an imbalance. It was not grounded and once I overcame it, I finally tasted the real magick, which comes from love, community and unity.

Human nature is more complex than anything else in existence, yet, it can be simplified in order to achieve harmony through conflict. It is important to understand ourselves inside and outside. What are we unconsciously creating? What are we aligning with? These are questions I ask myself every day.

What I’ve learnt is that nature is language. There are always infinite ways to interpret something. In order to become harmonious with our  inner and outer worlds, we must both: learn to understand new language AND also aim to speak the language of others. This is universal communication. Centre, and survival in many cases as we preserve knowledge and pass it on. In a way, language is yin yang.

The more the collective evolves, the more language evolves, and the more we need each other as human beings. It is a bit like truth or dare. Sometimes, listening to someone’s perspective can literally save us, and prevent us from making a mistake. Yet, sometimes we need the experience and dare to do something new, learning the results afterwards. Life is a bit of a trial and error experiment.

According to Vishen Lakhiani, in his book ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’: “These changes and more, driven by advances in our thinking and enhanced by our ability to use language to share what we knew, were truly revolutionary… the cognitive revolution”.  So next time you feel misunderstood, remember: They still don’t get your language.

How does your journey feel like?

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