The Psychological Repercussions of The System

In order to heal as a society,
we must first become aware of what is not working. 

Many are currently waking up every day to spend hours doing things they hate, in places they dislike, around people who don’t understand them; because they have to, in order to survive this global, capitalist system. Some report feeling a type of “disengagement” from such activities. They describe it as “being there but not being there really”. This is because their jobs are incongruent to their true heart desires, causing them to feel depressed, consequently.

Indeed, we are so used to this failure of a system that often we forget that’s not how we actually want to live. The psychological repercussions are so intense that some people stop believing in happiness, as if such mental state was a utopian dream, or an impossible-to-reach mindset; when in reality what’s happening is that they feel extremely dissatisfied with their lives.

Poverty is one of the biggest problems the world currently faces. Regardless of the country, poverty is a direct result of the system’s mediocrity. We have first world nations with high, growing rates of debt, and debt-related depression. We also have third world countries with growing rates of hunger, and hunger-related medical complications; yet, whilst governments claim to be there for the people, they fail to invest their money and prioritised attention to these situations. Truth is… They don’t really care.

The food we are sold in most supermarkets is tampered with before arriving at the shelves. People don’t even know what they are putting in their mouths. Moreover, we live in a world where it’s legal and norm to poison ourselves with fluoride on a daily basis; however, healing medicinal plants such as marijuana, are illegal, frowned upon and heavily fought against by global, governmental enforcement agencies.

Everything: Careers, relationships, financial situations, health and even peace of mind are in complete states of inadequacy worldwide. This, of course, has detrimental psychological repercussions on both, individual lives, and society as a whole. And that’s why as a collective, we must continue to rise up against the system designed for human misery.

See the patterns. 
Break them.

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