Break Free: Claim Your Psychological Independence

Whether you are conscious of it or not,
the system around you shapes you every day.

Freedom dreams. By BPSM.


We are surrounded by beliefs, ideas, activities, habits, rules of conduct, propaganda, and often… Bullshit. This is why It is important to become aware of how everything impacts and influences your personal experience. Otherwise, you are vulnerable to social conditioning, that is, the manipulation orchestrated deliberately by the governments, through their investments in behavioural economics.

Once you open your eyes, you might feel like you are surrounded by people who are close-minded, brainwashed and blind to the realities occurring globally. This is the case especially with those who work on a schedule. It can be frustrating as you to feel misunderstood and  alienated, causing you to spend your free time retreating and isolating from the whole world.

For instance, nowadays we live in a system, which society attempts to define the ways we conduct our most personal affairs. There seems to be an established, expected frameworks for everything: How to love, what to eat, what to do with time, and even, how to be happy; often causing incongruence and an ever increasing rate of collective, work-related depression.

For this and many other reasons, self-education is an essential skill, and a constant need for those aiming to live their lives aware and awake. Ask yourself some questions on a regular basis: What governs your life? What is currently holding you back? What is society implying you should be doing? Is it consistent with what you want to be doing? Sometimes writing our thoughts in a notebook serves as form of positive affirmations and proves to be an effective method to recode your brain into thinking freedom and success.

Make sure your life is yours.

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