Awakening Process : The Different Stages of Self-Actualization

“I think it’s possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary”
–  Elon Musk




The world is going through a massive global awakening. The process is causing many people to enter their process of self-actualization through which they attempt to find congruence in their lives. And so, the whole world is changing fast. Reality shifts into a new era as people learn that just as a computer can be programmed, the world around us as well as our inner worlds, have an invisible code that once noticed, can be hacked in order to alter our perspective, lifestyle, environment and ultimately, our experience.

When you begin to study those of your social circles,  friends, family or simply yourself, we notice four stages present in those who experience the process.

Stage #1 – The Cultural Background Escape: This is how the journey begins. Something catches your attention and inspires you to explore the realities of this world. You take an interest in the system you live in, its rules, its beliefs, its patterns, and general topics related to humanity. You might find yourself with a newly-found passion to study religious doctrines, career patterns, educational systems; and what’s more, you might feel like a meticulous observer of those who are around you. Their words, their beliefs systems and above all, the connection you have with them. This where you start to define life in your own terms in order to break free from social conditioning. You let go of restrictions as you attempt to free yourself completely. Moreover, your intuition sparks and you find it a lot easier to identify the bullshit. And this way, you open your gates of creativity and growth; which then lead you to the next stage.

Stage #2 – The Powerful Awakening: Once you have become highly aware of the relevant worldly situations for your journey, your mind completely breaks free from social conditioning; hence, an awakening occurs. Many report the experience as that of a huge trip. You might feel that there is something special about you that you didn’t notice before; and depending on what you believe your call is, you might show an overly enthusiastic attitude regarding your perception of the world and how it connects with you. You will become in tune with your divinity, existence, and the quantum path, opening the gates of synchronicity this way.  Then, once you learn to practice consciousness engineering; that is, when you become a life hacker, you perceive reality as a matrix, which code can be reprogrammed. You align with the belief system that calls to you in life, start altering your thoughts and hence, your life changes dramatically. People often speak about this as a magical process, some claim it feels like science fiction. The rebuilding and remaking of your identity, self, and integral soul, begins. It is normal for you to suddenly and drastically change your mind on a frequent basis during this particular stage. Moreover, you rewrite your models of reality, and project yourself all over the universe, causing you to see the whole world reflecting your mind. This is when many begin to self-educate in the topics that interest you and you make changes to your lifestyle accordingly.

Stage #3 – Recoding Your Inner Worlds: This is when you deliberately attempt to hack your own consciousness and start to delve into alternative perspectives about what it is to be human. You start channeling your own wisdom and set your goals. This is when the pursuit of happiness begins. Moreover, you bend reality (some report working with theories of spacetime curvature). You adapt to the constant flow of synchronicity in your life. You might feel lucky to be able to see as far as you do. Furthermore, you might conduct experiments and apply changes in an attempt to hack happiness, finding your unique way to accomplish such act. What’s more, it is around this time that a strong, congruent vision is formed. You click with your life purpose and start rebuilding your life, schedules, and passions. In other words, your life becomes meaningful, leading you to the next and final stage.

Stage #4 – Becoming Super You: At this point, you begin to align with the activities that actually change the world around you. You become a master of your own self-growth, and an authentic, grounded individual. You discard what no longer serves you, retain what works for you, and find the balance point between your inner and outer worlds; often practicing harmony through conflict. This is when the real power to cause positive universal dents arises, causing constructive ripples that improve humanity. Moreover, you become unfuckwithable, embracing your life purpose with ease and confidence. You set your boundaries and align with your tribe. Finally, you keep going no matter what, as new cycles and lessons arrive.


Just don’t stop, until you have reached your dreams.



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