Human Design: Discover Your True Potential

One of the most popular questions in the world is: “Who Am I?”
Getting to know oneself is perhaps the most important activity anyone could engage into.




There are many ways to explore yourself. Psychologists would agree with the fact that many people go through life without ever noticing what lays at the core of their being. We live in a society that keeps us ignorant regarding our natural human complexities. Most people don’t even realise that  most of our cognitive mechanisms lay in our shadow or subconscious mind.  

Human design is a science that allows you to understand your personality, your history, your personal awakening and your true potential as person. As the book Human Design by Chetan Parkyn states: “This is not some ‘New Age’ concept – its accuracy is inescapable and timeless – it is not a philosophy or a belief, it is an actuality rooted in science which speaks of its own power. Nor does it require the attraction or manifestation of wishes or desires. There is no asking, visualizing or positive thinking required, because its truth exists within us”.

Once you do your human design chart, this encourages you to meet the deep parts of yourself, and to become responsible for who you truly are. The way this system works is fascinating. I have personally become addicted to studying human design over the past few years. It uses data to calculate your exact position in timespace relative to our solar system and star fields at the time you were born. Whilst astrology uses 12 compartments (the zodiac signs), human design uses 64 compartments based on the hexagrams of the I Ching.

The chart includes your type of design, your inner authority, your life strategy and your energetic channels, among many other details. You can then learn about such specifics in your own time. You can get a free chart done HERE. 

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