Bending Reality and Curving Timespace

You can hack your reality, anytime. 


From book: “The Code of The Extraordinary Mind”


As more people educate themselves about the quantum path, they realise that the mind creates reality and that what you believe in dictates the type of experiences  you manifest. Einstein firmly believed that timespace could be curved, and he elaborated on this through his theory of general relativity.

Getting to know the previously unexplored corners of existence is a journey of discovery. Living in the now, realising that the future is the equation of the past, and that there is not much difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The NOW holds all the keys, all the doors, all the windows. At any given moment, we are capable of opening new dimensions of thought, experience and time. First, however, we must learn to recognise the patterns of the current reality we are living. That is, to become aware of the negative spiral cycles we go through, to be mindful of stress and anxiety and to be all allowing, open to endless possibilities.

Bending reality feels magical, as synchronicity is fully present, causing life to feel a little bit like Science fiction. There are different models through which such phenomena could be understood better. Some use the law of attraction to bring what they desire into their realities, others use the brain’s reticular activating system; and others use mathematics, physics and science to conduct spacetime curvature experiments.

Truth is, there are many ways to hack reality. Different people work with different models. Finding what makes you feel good is essential. One biological fact many are not aware of is that our brains are designed to work at their best when in a positive state. So here, there is a scientific basis for “pure positive focus” meditation.

What are your dreams and aspirations?
Whatever they are, find your own unique way to bring them into your life.

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