Work with your yin: spread love and help others evolve.  
Work with your yang: resist, revolt and fuck the system.


yin yang anarchy
Yin yang revolution. 


Society has tried to define us, confine us, and restrict us; yet,  as the world awakens, more and more people embrace the whole spectrum they truly are. Their yin and their yang.

Our governments  get to pick what is legal and what is not. And guess what? Their decisions are never in our favour. We are not born hating or fighting the system. We choose anarchy because the system steps on our rights; and whilst politicians are having the lush life, people’s lives are being destroyed  abruptly.

As more people awaken, they report atypical activity coming from the systems they live in. A few years ago, any of us who even dared to speak about this situation, were seen as crazy, paranoid or  were simply labelled as “radical troublemakers”. Slowly, we begin to make sense as more and more information is being leaked through the Internet. Television and newspaper media remains corrupt.

People don’t realise that our spirituality is one of the main reason we are being targeted. We are all learning just how powerful we are as humans, and how we can all change and alter both: individual and global realities. That’s what scares them. The fact that we are becoming our true selves. Uncontrollable, and immune to their bullshit, schemes and manipulations.

As we claim our psychological independence, and aim to self-actualise as often as needed, open to the ever changing frequencies running through the quantum field; we break free from conditioning. We become our own Gods, our own masters, and our own authority. Being spiritual is not very different from being an anarchist nowadays, therefore.

Moreover, as we align with our true selves and our sacred wisdom, the global scene becomes clearer. We are able to see through the corruption and oppose it. And this is why they target us, fear us and oppress us. They know their time is running out. The media knows they have been exposed. They don’t know exactly how to stop this revolution, because it cannot be stopped. So they try… And keep lying to us. But we no longer take their baits. It is them who are scared. We are the majority. And we’ve had enough.

Dare to believe you are important.

You have a purpose.

You are changing the world.