Universal Social Science of Time and Money

Reality is time.
We invest time in what we live and do.
And in this global consumer society, time is money.


This world is designed to timekeep the individual citizen, in order to control mass society.  Whole lifestyles are scheduled. People live their day to day lives constantly serving time, which buys them objects and luxury. Some work 500 hours to buy an iPhone. Others serve 300 hours to go on a holiday.

The point remains the same: The system’s structure is psychologically made to reinforce a type of Stockholm syndrome where the worker becomes dependent on  their slave-like activities and schedules, conducting their lives with goals based on how much they can consume. In this situation, the government behaves as Pavlov, with cruel conditioning techniques designed to prevent people from escaping their timed money game.

Once a person is able to see beyond the illusion of financial safety, life becomes a constant adventure towards freedom, social change and spiritual activism. Yes, being aware of the reality whilst also dreaming to change it… is to be awake. It is to be a freer, rather than a slave. It is to dare to speak about something new.

Your existence becomes a revolution.


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