Electromagnetic Ripples of Human Nature

You are responsible for your own happiness.

Natural dreams.


If you dare to trust the universe, you will be able to find the right experience at the right time. As long as you are all allowing, you will be changing; and as long as you are changing, you are expanding. Every one of your blinks is a ripple. Each heartbeat is a wave vibration. You interact with the reality around you by simply being. Your existence is an echo of eternity.

It is possible for your life to be filled with cosmic, immaculate synchronicity. You are the dreamer and the dream of your story. You can be awake and in control. Do you find yourself doing the perfect thing at the perfect time?

Just as you have the capacity to experience paranoia, you have the capacity to experience pronoia. Just as you can worry, you can relax. The universe can work in your favour if you allow it. Set your intention from the heart, this will cause it to emit electromagnetic waves, which will amplify your manifestation energy.

This is why many people agree with the quote: “Be careful of what you wish for”; because truth is, the quantum field of the planet is being curved by the global awakening, and now, more than ever, thought creates reality.

The time is NOW. You are ready when you believe you are. There is so much power in the random flow of the unknown. Life tends to surprise you. Eventually, your “why?” becomes “because”. As long you keep your mind open, the answers will be able to get through your pineal gland, causing your brain to manifest  an experience about it for your understanding.

Healing occurs as we stop resisting that which we are afraid to be, think or express. It is not about changing the world, it is about changing yourself; the world inevitably changes anyway. Engage in activities that fuel your consciousness engine.  And remember:

Right now is always the most crucial minute of your life.  



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