Quantum Existence: Balance Through Change

Existence is the most insane scientific fact.

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Energy Dynamics. By BPSM.


As the world’s frequencies continue to be raised, your purpose becomes the priority theme determining your actions. You begin to cleanse your life, as you order your mind and self-explore. What are you currently trying to let go of? What are you trying to accomplish? Your actions are not meaningless. Why do you exist?

Change comes through the process of simply breathing. We change every second, and this often pushes us to make decisions and act on the fulfilment of plans. This is why spending time surrounded by nature on a regular basis can truly make a huge difference in your life. It is resetting your vibrational field and aligning it with the pure energy of the planet. It helps you become grounded and enjoy the moment. It opens your mind to new information and sparks your genius.

Curiosity is a non-violent act. Questioning all that you know about reality  is often a sign of evolution and emotional independence in today’s world; even if the media and governments refuse to acknowledge it. The more questions you ask, the more doors you will open. Society needs become free from social conditioning and achieve a state of integral individuality. 


To know oneself is to know the world.
To change oneself is to change the world.
To save oneself is to save the world.

Too much chaos leads to confusion.
Too much order leads to boredom.
Both, confusion and boredom inspire you.

Balance is a juxtaposed experience


The journey never ends, the game expands. You will continue to encounter challenges that make you grow and learn. The difference is that you can become in tune with your mental cycles and be always one step ahead, prepared for the upcoming shifts. It feels peaceful when you take charge of your destiny and consciously stir your directions. Letting go is decluttering, and equally, decluttering is letting go. The more change you incorporate into your daily life, the more epiphanies you will experience.

It is beautiful,
the way minds can add order to the accumulated chaos,
and achieve harmony through conflict.


Detach from all to contemplate all from a centred perspective. Use your own experiences and that of others to avoid repeating mistakes. Feel the deep connection you have with the rest of the world, and notice that we are all connected. Become everyone. Become no one.


Become YOU.



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