Life Beyond The Matrix

Once we program ourselves to be as open minded as a newborn,
life can become magical as your brain adapts to the ever-increasing levels of
synchronicity occurring in the quantum field.


We are born believing in magic. It is culture and society that slowly kill the dreamer in children.

The awakening process can feel like a rebirth, like a Halloween of the spirit. We go through experiences that free us from all rules, knowledge and culture. Our identity expands into a universal spectrum. It is a state of pure curiosity. It is simply knowing nothing, whilst breaking the repetitive pattern of existence by altering our perception. It is forgetting all, rewinding and getting to know the world from 0, as if we had just arrived. It is the embodiment of our souls in our vessels, taking full control of our lives and amplifying our free will.

Waking up can feel a bit like lucid dreaming, as we realize that thought forms matter, and that we create our own realities. And indeed, our minds become boundless; therefore, magical occurrences are easier to register, process and store by our brains. Moreover, we become in tune with the dynamics of the planet, and see beyond the lies, the corruption and the failure of the system.

The system needs to go. It is primitive, close-minded and politically dogmatic. It needs an upgrade on educational curriculums and it needs to stop manipulative, psychological conditioning of the masses. For instance, the evolution of society is imminent; it is present,  increasing in both: speed and intensity. Everyone is talking about it; yet, the system refuses to acknowledge it, the media ignores it; delaying the global awakening as much as they can… However, at this point, they can’t do much.

Life beyond the “matrix”, as many call the quantum world, is seeing past the illusion, and surrendering yourself to consciousness;  being aware of the changes, the glitches, the science and the logic behind it all. It is evolving and helping others evolve, as the world realizes that we are all connected.


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