Being a Starseed: Achieving Harmony Through Conflict

Every person is a dimension, a planet, a universe.

Dual metamorphosis. Vintage. By BPSM.

Every mind is a room, a box, a scroll. Every body is the centre of the active perspective. Every soul is a different flavour in the global, universal whole. When we awaken, each of us goes through a unique process of transformative renewal. The journey hands you new sets of beliefs, and a new purpose. You begin to align with your true frequencies and therefore, you meet amazing people as you become more and more… who you are meant to be, yourself.

Learning the concept of having no fixed identity; that is, to be ever-changing in a continuous way. Setting your mind to be all allowing, letting each moment, thought and experience, be present, and letting go of each moment, thought and experience, all the same. To be like a river, ever flowing… Being a witness of a powerful stream of data that crosses our minds. Coping with the temptation of letting a thought spoil your peace. Connecting to your ever-flowing, natural humanity.

Exploring the functional duality occurring in your head, aware of the wholeness and the division. Learning to be light and dark, yin and yang… simultaneously.  To be in control whilst also letting natural flow unfold freely. To find comfort in the logical mechanisms behind the experiences that could be perceived as illogical. Learning to recognise patterns, and noticing when there are exceptions. To experience life outside conventional principles of social order. Listening to our intuition, as much as we listen to our own logic. Trusting the random, and being open to the impossible.

Being no one.

Being one person.

Being everyone.

Evolving and helping others evolve.

Your conscious and subconscious merge. Your actions become an expression of life force. Your mind opens the gates to universal ideas and values. Your brain starts to conduct heavy rationalisation as your mind expands and achieves a point of convergence that leads to balance. Harmony through conflict. 

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