Dear starseed: This is how we challenge the status quo

We all feel the anger, the frustration.
The system needs to change. NOW.

Has life been throwing a lot of hell at you? Have you found yourself a bit caught up in dreams that die soon after dreamt? Do you feel like all is a bit too much to take? You are not alone. 

We are going through a collective rising. People from all over the world are ready to challenge the system and reclaim their voice. We don’t want to take any more excuses. No more corrupt legislations. No more bullshit from the media and politicians. We are fed up with this dance. It’s time to change the music scene. By now, you have probably already awakened to many new truths. You are probably a little bit confused as to how to proceed. Well, I can only give you a few tips on how I personally have dealt with so much, and used each hit to grow stronger, wiser and above all, unfuckwithable

  • Use your art as your weapon: Create the outcomes you want to see in your life. If you are a writer, write. If you are a painter, paint. Anything you are, be it with the conscious intention of rising up. Of standing up. Of speaking up and screaming with your creations “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.
  • Learn about witchcraft and alchemy: You probably have noticed the magic and have probably questioned your own sanity. Keep learning and contribute to the collective healing.
  • Express your thoughts always: The world changes all the time. Change is inevitable. It is a constant. Speak your mind. Let people know where you stand. Don’t stop believing in yourself. Let go of what doesn’t serve you and shine as the star seed you and I both know you are.
  • Use the Internet to spread new ideas and plant seeds: This is how  the collective consciousness works. We speak our minds at risk of sounding insane. 3-4 months later, we begin to make sense as more and more people start to awaken to new experiences. As the quantum path emerges in their perspective and synchronicity invades their times and spaces.
  • Educate yourself regarding the law, your rights, and the REAL fuckery that is taking place in governments around the world: We all know they are hiding stuff from us. Many of us are already in watchlists. Gather evidence. Take pictures of those who follow you. Keep a record of those who hack you or disturb you. This world is sick with cognitive dissonance… Hence, why we’ve been blessed with intelligence. We must become empirical, strategic and objective.
  • Remember we are on each other’s teams: Do not let paranoia turn you against your brothers and sisters. Be aware of your own emotional spectrum. Realise we are all victims to the same oppresors. They want to divide us. We want to rise up united to defeat them.
  • Become public: Keeping all this knowledge private can be expensive as many start to feel alianated and lonely. We are in this together. And we will conquer as long as we stick together. We are a majority. The elitists are in trouble.
  • Challenge the status quo: Do not let anyone tell you who you are or what you are. Only you know. It is your journey, your path and a collective battle. Stand up. Be authentic. Be humble, but take no shit.

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