Dear Starseed: The World Needs Your Perspective

There comes a point in which you can no longer afford to be silent with your experience, because after having so much conviction and having spread ideas around, seeds begin to grow and suddenly, your experience is not yours alone any more.

You are a starseed.

There are people who are now confused and going through the awakening. They need your perspective. You, who has gone through hell and came out alive, knowing now a bit too much about good and evil. You, who overthinks life and who observes details in the mundane structure. Someone is looking for you, as a friend, as a teacher, as a soul doctor. The world needs you. Your existence is purposeful and relevant. We are here at this particular timespace to alter reality as we know it. To end the system as we know it. To upgrade our living standards as a human family.

The best way to help others is by being ourselves. You never know what might inspire, motivate or heal another person. Synergies simply occur naturally. Knowledge enters as the curiosity gate opens the mind to receive new information. 

Have you ever wondered why the sound of Hindu mantras have such powerful, positive effect on the person who listens to it?OM, the name of God, in numerology, equals to 64, which simplified equals to 10. This is the number of harmony. Also the numbers used in binary language. Some people spell it “AUM”, which in numerology equals to 134. Simplified, equals to 8, the number of infinity. But then again, that is just a calculation with meaning.

Many speak of end times nowadays. I believe end times occur all the time, as well as beginnings. Each cycle is born and each cycle expires. The way I see it, the cycle for the monetary system is about to face apocalypse. We are rising up as a collective, whether the media chooses to ignore it or not, it is happening. Do not underestimate your place in this revolution. After all, you know more than you say.

This is a biogenesis of souls.
An era where relativity is explored.
Medicine for the pain of the world.
Interpretation and mediation between ascended beings.
Energy ripples capable of moving mountains.
A time of equilibrium and symmetry in the minds.
Scientific inspiration. 

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