Collective DNA: Order & Chaos

To be a yin yang human, is to be, naturally… Order and chaos.



To observe the patterns conceived in awareness and consciousness. Being in tune with each chakra, attentive to the subchaos of the self, the rooting taking place in the body, the thinking going on in the mind, which then translates it to the brain. The expression coming forward from the throat, and our intuition, concealed in our gut. To know one’s ego and to experience the wide spectrum of emotions. One could say that nowadays, it is appropriate to see a synesthete (A person with enhanced, extra-senses) as a living proof of human evolution.

Chaos and order, both exist at all times. Every person tends to have a natural inclination towards one of these sides. This is in part, due to the fact that the society we were raised in has always taught us to divide things in order to understand them. This bad habit has of course, made it harder for some to be able to see themselves as integral, whole individuals; rather than as a label, box or a socially-established identity, such as a career title (lawyer, doctor).

To achieve harmony between chaos and order, it is important to work on both sides equally. For instance, if your life feels slightly too ordered at the moment, subchaos will be introduced by natural law. To be wise is to introduce the subchaos consciously whenever possible. Under the same token, if your life feels slightly too chaotic, suborder will be introduced. To be wise is to let the suborder carry itself out.

This is where the universal forces complement and collide in what can be perceived as a bit of an irony. Chaos is wild and entropic; yet, it is best when tamed. Order is easy to control and direct, yet, it is best when left untamed. This way, harmony arrives as ordered chaos and entropic order, coincide.

It is a powerful combination and requires much practice and experimentation. However, it is incredibly rewarding. After all, we are infinite beings by thinking analysis. We have an infinite capacity to think. Simply put, we never stop thinking until we die. So, having taken into account this infinity element I have just mentioned,  let us also remember that we are ever-changing. In our subconsciousness we cannot attach to an identity, for we change everyday. We are infinitely ever-changing, individual beings, transitioning between times and spaces, sharing a collective experience.

To think of oneself as separated from the whole, is to live in denial of the existent subconsciousness that is far bigger, higher and wider than the average consciousness. We are bodies, spirits and souls. There are different sets of quantum fields regarding each of the mentioned dimensions. Each person is different. Yet, there are so many studies and empirical results nowadays about telepathy, that I wonder why I even have to be explaining this at this point in 2016 where there is an obvious, clear awakening going on. A mass reaction to revolution and enlightenment. Well, the reason is that… There is a whole media blackout regarding this situation. The governments are acting as if it wasn’t happening. As if it wasn’t effecting great change. As if… They still had as much power as they claim to have.

Truth is… Their game is over; and they are having  hard time admitting such imminent fact.

Hundreds of thousands of people are talking about DNA transmutation, activation and about hacking reality. More and more begin to see beyond the fake structure of time. More and more are playing with their talents and bringing forth, powerful ripples of change.

We are the untamable chaos to their corrupt social order.

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