Eyedea – The Dive: Part 1 & 2 (Lyrics)




It starts out with a question. How much of it is real?
The skepticism sets in, and lessens your appeal
Next, you study conspiracy, develop some theories
And become extra wary of all your previous learned material
Your tolerance for stupidity degrades
Most of your friends seem to be trapped in the maze
You narrow your associates down to the few you can stand
And even they sometimes wonder what’s going on in that head of yours
You study east and western philosophy, psychology, physics
You think a lot more, and start to question existence
You wonder about your nervous system’s limits
You tamper with reality maps, and then ask hallucinogenic induced
“Who am I’s? What am I? Am I forever?”
All information breathes in the shallow dark halls of never
You can see where it’s leading. You wish you were dreaming
If the castle crumbles no one’s there to put it back together

Have you ever felt yourself slippin’ away?
Where all you think about’s your sanity, and how it decayed?
There’s no place to run, no place to hide
You can’t escape from inside, and you’re losing your mind
You try to think of when it started, and ask yourself why
But each thought deepens the sickness and completes the desert dry
Fear feeds the derangement of the inner eye
With nothing left you find yourself falling to madness so you…

… cry to your god, and act normal to your peers
What if God ain’t hearing you? That’s your only fear
Each day you think more about your psychosis
No one but you can help you, and you know this
That’s the craziest part of it all
In your rational mind, you only know two things for sure
One is that you’re totally nuts
And the other is that you’re the only one with the cure
It doesn’t make sense, it’s not how you imagined
You never knew it could just happen
You thought it came from stress, suicide, a near death experience
War, drug trips, low pay, carelessness
You’ve heard plenty of stories about schizophrenia
But never had evidence of one who thought himself mad
You’re going crazy, and desperately reachin’ for reason
But the strain to stay sane’s your only demon; best believe it


You finally realize that you’ve always lived in hell
No human model or metaphor can explain how you fell
The puzzle’s alive, and it changes as you try to escape it
It created time and made it appear to pass by
You don’t know what you think. You don’t think what you know
You’re a total lunatic, and afraid it’s starting to show
Where do you go when your brain is your worst enemy?
The six hundred and sixty six foot tall bridge on seventh street?
You’re scared. You’re scared. Why are you so scared?
There’d be no problem if you didn’t care
Now you’ve truly formed an opinion about heaven
It starts out with a question, and this is what it ends in

Now I know you’ve felt yourself slip away
Now all you think about’s your sanity, and how it decayed
There’s no place to run. No place to hide
You can’t escape the fact that you’ve lost your mind
You can’t erase your mistakes. There’s no way to rewind
The harder you look, the harder it is to find
Fear feeds the derangement of the inner eye
With nothing left you find yourself falling to madness, so you dive
So you dive [repeated]

And with each foot you fall
The voice in your head starts to sound more and more like yours



And now the voice in your head IS yours

Take a deep breath there’s nothing to be afraid of
What you just did was fall to the depths of existence
The place the mind keeps you away from by it’s own process
Of building models for understanding
This is not insanity, this is in fact the ultimate reality
The union you’ve acheived is only possible in thoughts no more
You never fall if you never fight

You never fall if you never fight

[Repeat 2X]
You found yourself fall into madness so you dove
The best thing you ever did was let go

[Repeat 2X]
I found myself fall into madness so I dove
The best thing I ever did was let go

See life is a play that we are always acting out
Without ever seeing it from the writers or audiences point of view
When we reach infinity we become the writer
The actors and the audience at the exact same time

So here you are, and now you understand
You always were here, that’s why you always ran
But you can only run away for so long
Before you catch up with yourself and become part of the song
I’d like to welcome you, to the heaven you’ve created
I tell the truth, this is the wisdom of the ancients
Holding onto something contradicts our being, so fly free {*repeat 4X*}
Maybe I had to go crazy to get where I am
I felt myself slipping away and I let myself fall
Gotta lose your mind before you find it
And when you finally find it you’ll find out you never lost it at all
There’s a natural flow, that’s attached to the soul
It don’t ask you to go, it just gradually pulls
It’s always now and your never not you
So follow yourself because if nothing else your existence is true

Have you ever felt yourself slipping away? I am, I mean, I was slipping away
But no matter what I am I’m me, and I know me so I’m ok
Have you ever felt yourself slipping away? you are, I mean, you were, slipping away
But no matter what you are you’re you, and you know you so you’re ok

I’m not a poet or a communist, a comet or a star
You’re not a genius or a prophet, you just are
I’m not insane cause I have no need for my sanity
It’s just another chain that keeps me from reality
Reality is mine to play with and mold
The best thing I ever did was let go
So let go of the models transcend the physical mind
And peacefully become part of the whole
The walls came tumbling down, but this time it was for keeps
I’ve been running around, looking for my feet
Now they’re part of the ground, and make the ground complete
Live in the now and forever be at peace
Live in the now don’t stray away from the cycle
I’m one with the universe, one with the life flow
When you know that that which is below is above
The fear you once had will become love (feel the love)


It starts out with a question. how much of it is real?
Now all is irrelevant, outside of this ordeal
Don’t worry about explaining it there ain’t no human language
That can actually describe exactly how you feel
Now I see clear, through external distractions
Piece by piece it comes together, so I laugh and I smile
In the beginning it was deranged
But I guess all things come to pass, after awhile
If madness could have a picture face how would it look?
Like step one to becoming the contents of your own book?
Right where you are right now is where you’re gonna stay
And as long as you’re always moving with yourself you’ll, never slip away

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