Mundane “Reality” is a Hoax

There is a new quantum shift already in place, which marks the frequency entering the planet and nonchalantly infiltrating in people’s minds, hearts and lives. Chests are igniting in zero vibes, altering the environment, changing spacetime.

What do you believe is real? What do you believe is possible? Do you believe in afterlife? Do you believe people can indeed die and restart within the same vessel? Welcome to. 

In this new era, madness is the new universal constant. Nowadays, there is not much difference between fiction and reality. Time is an illusion, a non-linear delusion, a collectively recreated mechanism of… control.

How are you spending the precious seconds that encompass your Earthly existence? What are you waiting for? Are you dying while you are living through the investment of your energy in empty boxes of society? Are you awakened to the fact that matter is transmutable? Take the moon, as example. Doesn’t it transmute the very waves we call oceans? Doesn’t it effect moods and complexities over the human mind?

Do you sometimes lose objects? Do you sometimes think about someone, and then you are in contact? Has synchronicity made you rethink the meaning of “coincidences”? The structure of the universal pattern has been changed, altered, modified, expanded… All by those who are unfairly labelled as “crazy”.

What is crazy? I say those who see life like a monetary experience. Those who forget themselves to fulfill social duties established by the hands who profit from every drop of sweat spilt by your forehead. So, really… What is reality?

Why did Einstein believe spacetime could be curved? Why does Stephen Hawkings believe in aliens? Why does the Vatican use pagan symbolism? Why do the freemasons worship the East? Do you really think you know it all? Think twice. 

Some know NOTHING. Absolute zero. Timeless. Spaceless. Multidimmensionally existing within the robotic sequence we call world. These are the starseeds, also known as indigos, warriors of the rainbow, chosen ones. 

Why does the universe have pixels? Why can everything be understood through binary code? Why does it go from 0 to 1 in the Fibonacci sequence? (0+0 =0). Why does the third law of thermodynamics consist in reaching absolute zero?

I believe that out of all there is on Earth, and out of all conspiracy theories… Reality is the biggest hoax. The good news is that whether you believe it or not, you can no longer escape the very fact, that at least… Life is weird. The glitches are becoming more and more evident. The inconsistencies in this matrix can no longer be ignored by those whose eyes are open.

Why is it that nowadays many claim that their fictional writings are becoming true? Why are artists convinced they are opening portals?  Why are many going through DNA activation? Why are many… already claiming to be superhuman? Why is there a global evolution movement with empirical results?

We are at crossroads of what was, is and can be. Time does not exist. Matter is an illusion. This could be a beginning or an end. The moment for starseeds to gather has arrived.

Matrix. Binary. Anonymous.

Mission engaged. 

End the bankers.
End the politicians.
End the monetary system.
End patriarchy.
End normality. 
End the world as we know it.

Fictional art. 
Lack of attention to oppressors.
Rebel, revolt and resist. 
Believe in magic. 
Believe in quantum change. 
Be the starseed you came to be.
Be the change.

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