True Awakening Vs. Social Programming

Are you being educated or are you being conditioned? 

Are you following the hype or are you connecting to your inner wisdom? In today’s world, it is hard to know with certainty what resources are beneficial for the soul. We are surrounded by news, TV shows, laws and books that are a direct result of the growing market.

Many people think that enlightening comes from educating oneself with the knowledge that is given to us by media, schools, modern “free yourself” books and celebrities. I mean, yes, one can learn from others and truly benefit from new perspectives; nevertheless, the truth lays hidden in the sacral of each body. There is no need to search for it, as much as there is a need to channel it. Moreover, freedom is free of charge. If you are somehow paying for it, you are being scammed, but most importantly, you are fooling yourself.

Truth presents itself to you through intuition, through synchronicity, through genuine connections. Are we giving power to those who financially benefit from educational resources? Who are the top families sponsoring every single aspect of the market? Yes, the same ones who own the banks. Indeed, the revolution of today’s world starts the moment a person thinks for themselves. Forgetting all learned, then re-learning, and re-creating their knowledge base.

Children should be encouraged to be themselves, share their ideas and seek their own dreams, goals and passions. Parents who condition their own kids are doing it wrong, because children are naturally closer to source. Their truth is a lot more pure and unconditional. If anything, we should all start learning from kids, more so than teaching them. As parents, we should strive to guide them, protect them and support them… Not brainwash them into the robotic repetition of the system’s pattern.

Those who are currently going through the process of DNA activation and evolution, have began to notice that to repeat knowledge is to reinforce the hallucinatory pattern of the world. At the end of the day, some know that matter does not even exist.  To repeat someone’s marketed truth, is to reinforce the very system that provides it whilst limiting oneself, because it is the soul that has unadulterated wisdom. If everyone thought for themselves, the world that we know of, wouldn’t exist. Because as a matter of fact, it doesn’t. All there is, is knowledge and molded beliefs passed down through generations of conditioning and social programming, carried out and spread through educational/laboral systems and media.

Who said every person’s reality needs to be the same? Why are we collectively conforming to such notion? Everything changes every second. Every person changes with every breath they take. So instead of searching for society’s justifications about experiences, why not forget it all and teach yourself the basics of your own personal reality?  I have seen how powerful a group of people who are boundless and free can be. When there is total acceptance to differences and total “allowing” in the state of mind towards new experiences… Life’s always magical and effective. The main two problems of the modern world are: Capitalism and cognitive dissonance.

Are we giving unnecessary attention and existential power to politicians? What would they do if we all stopped following their every action? What are politicians without the people? They are individuals. So, in my humble opinion, instead of giving them attention, we should ignore them. Because truly, they feed from our attention, whether it is positive or negative. Without it, they would be no different than we are. What’s more… Why are we going at each other’s throats about politics, when we perfectly know that regardless of who wins, politicians are the definition of “bullshit”? The best people who’ve changed the world in history have been either insane and genius, or/and highly spiritual. 

So, are you sure that what you are learning isn’t something that “mainstream” trends want you to learn? Social programming goes as far as to build collective beliefs that reinforce the consumer society we live in from pretty much every perspective there is, including the spiritual one. For example, now we have spiritual leaders teaching people about how to use the law of attraction to make money. Excuse me? Really? Sure, the awakening has become “cool” and great for business. Yet, are the beliefs YOU are building yours, or someone else’s? Money has, does and will continue to build divisions. There is no changing the system for the better, without changing the capitalist attitude and taking power away from the banks/politicians.


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