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Patriarchy Times Are Over

For centuries, the governments of the world have lied to us in many ways. Not only do they hide the crimes they are currently committing against innocent people; they also hide the natural divinity found in a woman. 

Everything, from books to TV shows are sponsored by upper-class elitists who have it in their agenda to mask the true Akashic records and history from women. The more the world evolves, and as many become aware of the return of the divine feminine; more and more money is being invested wrongly in the media that promotes man as the “powerful” one and woman as the “weak” one.

This is why so many girls grow up thinking that they need to be saved by a “prince charming”, ultimately finding disappointment as they realise that it is other women who empower them the most. Disney, for example, often shows woman as black and white. It either shows a “very innocent girl” or an “evil woman”. This, of course, causes confusion from a cognitive social perspective, due to the fact that girls try to fit in one of these extremes, finding it harder to find balance.

But going a bit deeper into spirituality, we find God, Lucifer and Satan being portrayed as males. We find churches being ruled by males. We find paganism attributing the masculine gender to the sun. It is very little what this society portrays as feminine. Not only do Christians think that a woman was created from man’s rib… They also show her as the wicked one and the sinner who caused them to be expelled from Eden.

Scientifically speaking, though. It is clear that the average human has 23 chromosomes, 22 of which are complete XX. It is seen, from a biological perspective, that women are the only ones who own a complete set of 23 XX chromosomes.


“The first male was born after a mutation on one strand of the sex chromosome.
Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. 22 of these are equally
matched. The exception, pair number 23, the sex chromosomes, are matched
in the female (XX) and mismatched in the male (XY). We say mismatched
because the Y-chromosome is shorter than its matching X-chromosome. The
Y-chromosome has been called the male chromosome and the X-chromosome
has been called the female chromosome. These names are not completely
accurate descriptions but they have found their way into common usage.
Because the Y-chromosome is shorter than the X-chromosome and is found
only in males, some genes present on the mismatched X-chromosome are
present without any matching alleles. Thus, genetic defects on the
Y-chromosome affect only males. Females have complete and matching DNA
strands, however males don’t.”
[Temple of Theola]


Yet, women have been forced to be the ones who stay muted, who comply, who are paid less in a job and what’s even worse… Nowadays, a successful woman is shown as that who wears trousers and a suit, similarly to a man; killing with this, the feminine aspects of fashion found in sensitivy and delicacy. Women feel they cannot wear to work what they wear to a dinner party; whereas men dress in very similar fashion on both occasions.

Furthermore, females are now objectified and their bodies are used to sell in commerce pretty much about anything. This is sad even for female celebrities, who often feel they have to comply with such “sexy” agenda in order to have a successful career. As a matter of fact, the divinity of the uterus has been made filthy with the pornographic market, which grows more every day.

For those who research deeply, though, they will find that there are ancient mythological accounts that show woman as the Goddess and as the original inhabiter of Earth. We have names from Lilith, Isis, Lucy, Mary, Joan of Ark and Venus, among others. Corporate patriarchial elitists have invested much in the writing of books and producing of films that portray all of the names above as either “evil” or “weak”. Keeping women under the false believe that any spiritual authority outside this dimension and every political authority on the planet, should be male.

Patriarchy times are over. Women are awakening. True divinity has arrived. Justice will be served.

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