I Light You. I Dark You.

You are a fool, and so am I.

We are walking the same question mark, while our beating hearts synchronise. I once kissed you and my world was moved inside out. Your name became a subconscious mantra that promised a better tomorrow. I saw you in books I read and songs I heard. Your voice whispered to me a million and one things through the echo of your existence.

Between fear and incredulity, I ran away from you.Yet, you found me in the street, on the sofa, in the daily chores of what to do and what to be, while absent in body. You revolt my inner freedom and ignite my exterior. One sentence was enough to send me asking a hundred questions, and here I am, still wondering why you never saw your own intricate, raw contemplation of being.

I got caught in games.  Strong shifts of quantum, magical sentimentalism and at times, nostalgy for you. I imagine you are playing the instrument you use to pull strings into my heart with the very hands that touched me once upon a time, on a day where all that mattered was the soul and during a time when neither of us knew exactly what was life throwing at us.

I was reborn in a volcano and danced through fire, becoming ashes, then dust. My body is but a mere atomic patch of life force following a light called love. I crave you as I crave wings to fly. Your darkness tantalises me and seduces my inner demons. They want to play with you, they want to kiss you. Your light shines bright and paralyses my existentialism. I sense you. I see you. I feel you. I live you.

I light you. 
I dark you. 
I whole you.
I dare you. 


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