The Magic of Acceptance & Love

Some of us are complex, too complex to even understand ourselves. We go through life dancing, looking for validation and acceptance from those who we love, something that in my opinion, is a natural human action. 

Many of us, like some animals do, find comfort and warmth of heart in being understood and loved. There are many different types of animals in the planet. Some walk alone, some walk in groups. Humans, we are complex because we simply know nothing, and our intellect has a way of getting in the way when it comes to connections.

Many aspects define human behaviour. Some are nature, and others; often, are nurture. It is understandable that people who have had a rough background tend to either need extra support or reject it all-the-same. We tend to build shields around our hearts and mind in order to protect ourselves from recreating past trauma. This is a valid survival method; however, just as a shield serves to protect, it can serve to isolate.

In my opinion, true love in friendship, family and relationships can be cherished when we connect to people who are capable of understanding us reciprocally. Love at times is present, but can be destructive as we accidentally push too many buttons, or let our insecurities become an obstacle.

Similarly,  a current problem that exists with society and many dysfunctional families is that some individuals have a mentality of:  “if I had a bad time, you deserve it too. If I could do it, you can too.”; often refusing to support those who are in desperate need for human connection and understanding. Yes, no one is obliged to help anyone. It is nobody’s responsibility to love and accept others (except for parents); nevertheless, it can be emotionally shattering to experience these type of situations especially with those who too, have been hurt and let down in the past by others.

We are all different, yet we are all human. And just like there are many that will agree with me on the fact that the hormonal production of the body when in a state of love and acceptance can lead towards a better society and world, there will be those who will disagree, thinking that perhaps the only way to live is “alone”, because that’s what they have experienced mostly in their lives.

Furthermore, most emotional incidents of hurt occur when there is at least one person lacking psychological understanding and/or empathy. Sometimes, there is empathy and understanding, but there is also fear, defense mechanisms and triggered reactions.

As humans, we are naturally complex. It is an illusion to think that emotions are a negative trait to have, when they can actually be used as a compass that guide us towards self-fulfillment, self-understanding and congruence. Psychologically speaking, we cannot truly achieve congruence without developing some type of cognitive/spiritual awareness about what we feel and think.  There is nothing more empowering, inspiring and magical than having close friends/family who

There is nothing more empowering, inspiring and magical than having close friends/family who believe in you and accept you despite of your flaws and differences. A simple gesture of true, unconditional love, can change a life through one interaction.

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