Self-Love: Division or Unity?

Is self-love a type of programming that causes people to create their own bubble and hence become separated from the world? I frequently use the sentence sang by Akua Naru in one of their songs: “Self-love is the very first rule”.

I have always considered self-love to be an essential psychological need. The way I see it: Loving the world is loving oneself. Loving oneself is loving the world. I believe that indeed, self-love is important; nevertheless, when a person mistakes this concept, using what many nowadays call “healthy selfishness”, innocent people around them are bound to get hurt. This is often caused by past trauma of pain, causing a general social wariness that is more destructive than constructive when looked at from the big picture.

Not everyone is the same; yet we are no different either. When self-love manifests under a context in which  only the self is relevant and important, we are automatically causing a disruption of balance in our lives. Scientifically speaking, we are no different inside our minds to the physical structure of the Universe, as explored in the book written by Hawkings: “The Grand Design”, which delves into philosophical, theological, and spiritual references of history to explain the way it all works.

We are co-existing. The same way atoms co-exist inside an individual organism. Indeed, self-love is appreciating what we are inside as a whole, which is the same the universe is outside as a whole. To be clearer, as an analogy, the way I see it:

We are like cells in an organism called Earth. A combination of cells creates tissue. A combination of tissue creates organs. Consequently forming a combination of diverse biological systems; which finally completely form a human body. Similarly, as people, we are interconnected; forming groups, societies, systems and finally a planet. 

With this analogy in mind, we have gone from seeing ourselves as cells to also seeing our bodies as individual planets. Hence, it is appropriate to say that the universe is an equivalent of planets coming together to first form a solar system, then a galaxy, and beyond that… the whole universe.

We can look at this pattern of interconnection in many ways with nature. The way trees form a forest. The way water becomes oceans. The ecological systems animals form in the wild and in domestic areas. It is clear that everything naturally co-exists.

So, could self-love divide us? That depends on the concept being used. Some might mistake self-love for self-idolization; which in my opinion, happens when someone thinks they are above the rest and hence it is acceptable for them to hurt others. This might be caused by a conscious or subconscious delusion in which they believe no one else exists, but them. Real unconditional love (self-love included) consists in being aware of the exterior as one, and the interior as the whole.

Self-love is loving the world as ourselves, and seeing ourselves as the world. Loving ourselves as the universe outside, and seeing the universe outside as ourselves. This way, we realise, that to hurt someone else is to hurt oneself. To be aware that there is no difference in giving or receiving love.

This creates a strong magnetic, energetic synergy that transcends time-space and transmits “data” in a consciousness network the same way neurons and cells transfer data within a body. Something more and more people are awakening to in contemporary society.

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