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Women Deserve More Respect

What The F-Word, Borgore?!
“Girl, when we are in bed act like a hoe, but first do the dishes”.
– Borgore.

Nowadays, music has a great  impact on society’s mentality. People listen to what reminds them of their inner thoughts and feelings. This can be a very scary reflection of the world,  as there are artists and bands that focus on anti-feminism and misogyny, leaving a fountain of patriarchal,  disrespectful thoughts towards women.

For instance, the sentence quoted above is part of the lyrics of a song by Borgore, an Israeli electronic music producer, also known as Asaf Borger. This song, titled “Act Like a Hoe”, depicts women as personal slaves.. Until recently, it was mandatory for a woman to take care of the kitchen’s chores, yet, as the History, Psychology and Religion of the world have advanced and learnt to opened their minds; women have reached a more acceptable status within society; nevertheless, it would be very misleading to say that women’s rights are equal to men’s.

There is evidence to support the fact that in Britain, women’s earnings peak at the age of 34, while men’s earnings peak at the age of 50. The question is: Why? Well, according to the Office of National Statistics, this unfair governmental movement was  put into place due to women returning to part-time work after having a baby. Maybe that’s because they have to do the dishes, the laundry, take care of the children and cook; while having a part time job to provide for the family.

Moreover, it is very reckless to think that all or most mothers will come back to part-time work and not full-time work. This initiative can be considered discriminative and subjective; as not all mothers think the same.

Because mothers are women, NOT robots.

Another relevant example to this topic is the song by Ludacris, called “Move Bitch”. In this song, women are portrayed as objects that can be used and abused whenever men want. One of the most scandalous lines from this track is: “OH NO! The fight’s out I’ma ’bout to punch yo…lights out”. Therefore, it can be concluded that this song promotes domestic violence and misogyny.

In conclusion, music is one of the best things ever created, because through it, ideas and feelings are transmitted. However, many of these ideas not only break the law, but belittle woman’s worth.



Jim Norton, 4th July, 2012, Daily Mail:


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