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An Insane Manifesto

That strange feeling when you are reading a new book, and you feel that in that exact moment, the very book is screaming your mind out loud. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Since I embarked on this journey of cosmic genealogy, many questions appeared in my mind. I am taking my time now to explore them because I wish to learn how to live comfortably in the cosmos.

In the cosmos is where we find the Akashic Records. This sacral knowledge contains the explanations and specification of the Sumarian lands, which are the mental cities we have established in our minds.

You see, while the body is dependant on a specific time/space. The mind is able to travel to distant locations and with these changes, the mood/general-state is altered.

In my case I have run off many parts of the world in the Sumarian context while searching for my truth. I have achieved a point in which I feel I can both: be present while also travelling mentally.

I have explored the contrasting concepts of Nicolas Cage, Jesus Christ, Light, Rome, Babylon, and Love. It has been the most unbelievable human adventure spiked with sweet insanity.

I have explored the doctrines and paths that spiritual teachers take in order to reach the maximum potential, commonly known in Psychology as self-actualization.

Likewise, while exploring the concepts of darkness, evil, sorrow and fear; I managed to learn valuable lessons and to find problem-solving tools/capacities that save me from stumbling blocks in the journey. In a way, it is like avoiding bullets.

I have played with concepts of creation, manifestation, joy, self-fulfilling prophecies and talent. I see that these are crucial elements for the actualization of the whole system. It sparks evolution, revolution, reincarnation, eternity and karma beliefs. These, at the same time, help people move towards a self-leading recovery.

We explore the concepts of illness and how we can use such material for healing. We believe in death, but we do not fear it. We complicate our relationships, even though some can only dream of a happy ending.

We delve into the depths of sexuality and we investigate and experiment with epicurean practices, with the purpose of studying time and space uniformly.

We compare and judge to the best of our abilities and deal with uncomfortable topics in order to heal and learn. consequently unlocking higher levels of consciousness.

We see beyond our atmosphere and contemplate the realities of what’s out there, yet to be known. Curiosity is a non-violent act.


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