Pleasure As Religion

In a world that is divided by beliefs and concepts, one thing that we all have as reward in common is pleasure.

We connect through the things we enjoy doing, consuming, etc. Being very 21st century, I confess I idolize pleasure. I live for it. The trick is to know how to find pleasure in life, even while in hell. I mean, survival is matter of pleasure. To be more specific… Humans, we do the things that make us feel good, unless you have a slave mentality activated, that is and are investing your time in boredom. It is no one’s fault, again. 

Some take pleasure in reading, others take pleasure in singing. Likewise, there are so many ways to take pleasure in life. And if we dig a little bit deeper, all religions lead to God, but this whole trinity idea doesn’t even begin to make sense. It is just plain fucked up to be as dissociated psychologically speaking, to consider ourselves “the father, the son and the holy spirit”.  Perhaps Jesus suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Perhaps that is why he got away with his premeditated suicide.

Do religious people of the world today understand their own religion? This question alone poses as a paradox. The funny thing is that some Buddhists believe there is no God, yet Buddhism is deeply connected to the idea of a God. On the other hand, we have Hindus that totally support the notion that every person can become a God and that we are reincarnated.

The list could continue. We would eventually reach extremist, religious groups such as ISIS and KKK, who are acting in the very name they claim to serve against the people. This is not a matter of political division, this here is a violent, brutal, barbaric mechanism to establish world change. I personally do not enjoy identifying my thoughts to these types of groups. But somehow, they intrigue me from a sociological/psychological perspective.

Is God war? And if pleasure is peace, does that mean Lucifer is the light in the darkness?

Those are simply curiosity based, insanity edged, unknowingly intense, stupid questions that cross the vortex of entropy my mind seems to be in.

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