Writers Are Martyrs

They suffer all types of complexities.

A mind has to be full of action in order to produce amazing plots, thoughts, seeds, ideas, questions and mysteries. Writers are tortured by their need of expression. They are tortured by life’s biggest questions. Their mind is as open as the books they write, yet labyrinths is what they are. Writers are delicious because they rewrite life, every single time. They recycle a combination of the best things they’ve read. Writers seem to be teaching something, while actually looking for their own truth in the dustiest corners of their hands. Writers are sexy, their wisdom heals even if far-fetched.

Writers tell you who you are, even while not knowing who they are themselves. It is only fair to be scared of a writer. They talk the minds of those who feel they cannot speak up. They call energies into action, that no one can understand perfectly and clearly. Writers are in the name they were given for themselves. Writers are old minds, trapped in eternal youth. Writers have the imagination to create or destroy entire planets with a bullet proof idea. Change is in the hands of writers. Whether a liar, a lunatic or a lord… Writers have a purpose with every word, and they see meaning in things people ignore.

Writers are proof and provide proof of their existence, by thinking and then sharing the mind. Writers are martyrs because there is nothing more “entropic” than a writer’s mind; yet, a writer always loves to write.

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