The Reality of Questions & Answers

Are you too busy to think?

In truth, it is not about having all the answers. Sometimes, asking a question serves as a curse. It traps you instantly in a reality where the answer is hidden in a gesture, a choice, a decision, an act and sometimes even with a word. Sometimes all it takes is to get to know someone really well. Not understanding a person is one of the main reasons why we formulate questions. As humans, we are naturally attracted to the unknown… even if this is done in a subconscious level. We are always thirsty for new experiences, and this is why life feels boring when it becomes monotonous.

In a way, I am really glad when people ask me questions. Because it gives me a chance to think of the answers myself. It is a learning experience, getting to know someone’s curiosity, while exploring your own mind. It is refreshing, constructive and collective. On the other hand, I am fearful when I am the one asking questions. Because I do not always know what door I am opening. Or what window I am closing. However, there is nothing more thought-provoking than getting to know someone’s naked soul. This is truly the place where life-altering experiences in consciousness occur.

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