Ways To Hack Reality On a Daily Basis

So you want to rebel and establish your own world? You are probably looking for answers. Analysing things you think no one else can see. Perhaps you’ve taken a look at the bigger picture and have seen how it all makes sense in all directions. Now you feel powerful and have the perfect understanding of the mechanisms of modern society. You are wondering what to do next. Well, this is how you can start:

  • Engage in conversations with the governmental institutions. Medical, law, emergency, business, etc. This will allow you to peacefully gain perspective, which you can use later when finding a solution.
  • Commit to yourself. See the changes you go through and adapt accordingly. Don’t plan a permanent settlement, because it can be blown away any second. Be like water.
  • Always be prepared to be portable and efficient in case you need to travel to a better place. Make sure you have your “hack reality” tools. In my case, a pen and a notebook is enough.
  • Trust yourself: Often, not knowing what you are up to is a sign that you are up to something good. Follow the vibe.
  • See every day chores as a game against yourself. Aim for the win.
  • Set your own rules. Believe in whatever is convenient for you. Have faith.
  • Be yourself in front of those who judge you the most. This will cause you to feel an irreplaceable sense of freedom.

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